The Star of Life


You ever wonder what the meaning is behind the star of life? 

The star of life was originally trademarked under the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration. The star is used primarily for pre hospital medical care. The Snake in the middle is the Rod of Asclepius the ancient greek symbol of healing. The six branches mean:

Detection: The first rescuers on the scene, usually untrained civilians or those involved in the incident, observe the scene, understand the problem, identify the dangers to themselves and the others, and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety on the scene (environmental, electricity, chemicals, radiation, etc.).

Reporting: The call for professional help is made and dispatch is connected with the victims, providing emergency medical dispatch.

Response: The first rescuers provide first aid and immediate care to the extent of their capabilities.
On scene care: The EMS personnel arrive and provide immediate care to the extent of their capabilities on-scene.

Care in Transit: The EMS personnel proceed to transfer the patient to a hospital via an ambulance or helicopter for specialized care. They provide medical care during the transportation.

Transfer to Definitive care: Appropriate specialized care is provided at the hospital.

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