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The decision to join the Waretown First aid squad is a personal choice and commitment that is seen by the membership as an honor and service to the residence and guest of Ocean Township. The cadet program is defined by the membership to promote individuals who are between the ages of 16-18 years of age that have

an expressed interest in the field of medicine. A membership in the cadet program is a commitment not only of the individual but of the parent(s) who will also need to have an active participation in the experience of their child’s responsibilities and required training.

The Waretown First Aid Squad is a volunteer service that provides coverage to the Township of Ocean through the activation of the 911 system. Members of the volunteer first aid squad upon acceptance will be put into a category based on interest and medical training. The Cadet program is an introduction level that allows the participant to learn and understand how the human body functions through medicine, science and human interaction. In the Cadet program, the goal is to meet your expectations and needs to make you a stronger person through early adulthood.


Prior to entry into the program, you will be asked to attend a meeting which will include a parent(s), the Cadet advisor, the Squad Captain and President. This meeting will outline the following:

-Introduction to the First Aid Squad

-Introduction to Emergency Medical Services

-Review of the Cadet Program

-Overview of the 911 system

-School requirements and training

-Discussions and concerns

The Cadet member once accepted by the membership at the monthly administrative meeting will be notified by the cadet advisor and brought into the program and introduced to the team members.


One of the first requirements to be completed will be to successfully pass the equivalent of the American Heart Association’s CPR for the professional rescuer. This is a four hour course that involves lecture, hands on skills and independent reading. This is a required course that must be completed before the cadet is assigned to a response night. During the initial introduction, the cadet will need to complete the following minimum criteria which are required under the Federal standards known as (p)OSHA and the New Jersey State Department of Health and Human services.

-Review of Infection Control

-Review of the Right to Know Program

-Review of the Infection Control Program

-TB Testing

-Fit Testing Training

The Cadet and parent(s) will need to review the importance of respiratory protection program and complete the state Respiratory protection forms. This form will need to be reviewed by the First Aid Squad physician to ensure medically fit to wear a respiratory protection mask. One of the greatest risks to any emergency provider is infectious disease.


Monthly Meetings will be established to review the cadet’s progress in school, review the past responses, and review a medical topic while preparing the cadet for a stronger role in the healthcare environment. A cadet may be asked by the advisor to perform some basic research on a topic to be presented at the next monthly meeting. A cadet will be invited to the monthly drill and classroom events of the squad. These are not mandatory but highly encouraged to strengthen the assessment and educational knowledge. Some of the training which will be scheduled either at the EMS building or within a reasonable location may include but not limited to:

-Basic Incident Command

-Blood Borne Pathogens

-Basic First Aid

-Lifting and Moving

-Patient Assessment

-Bandaging and Splinting

-Documentation and Communications



Each Cadet will be assigned a response night which will be assigned by the Captain. Each night members are assigned a “duty night”, this night begins at 6pm and concludes at 6am. The cadet’s response hours will be agreed upon between the Captain, Cadet and parent(s). A cadet who is assigned a Sunday –Thursday will be allowed to respond to calls as transportation is available from time school is dismissed through no later than 10pm. Friday night assignment would be allowed from time school is dismissed through 11pm, Parents may give written permission for their child to remain riding response calls throughout the overnight Friday and Saturday night, however the response time will cease on Sunday at 10pm. (School vacations and out of school schedules) will revert to the Friday – Sunday response times. Cadets will not be allowed to respond directly to any residence or location of assistance. All Cadets must report to the EMS building located on Route 9 and Bryant Road for response with the ambulance. Cadets who are allowed to drive may respond to the EMS building for assigned response nights but may not pick up any other cadets or drive any other cadet home unless direct relationship.

Cadets will be discouraged from responding to calls which include:



Psychiatric Evaluation / Transport

Any Facility which is known to serve alcohol

Cadets who are already on the ambulance and a request for service is made, it will be up to the Line officer or Senior member to determine if the cadet may enter into the residence or location. The decision to keep the cadet away from patient care is based on type of request, potential for injury or unsafe scenes. The goal is to keep the cadet as active as possible on every response but situations may prohibit the cadet’s participation. Participation way be limited in a specific environment but allowed to continue once inside the ambulance. If the situation does not allow for the cadet to participate, the cadet will be asked to sit in the front passenger seat of the ambulance or asked to be returned to the residence by a police officer.

The primary responsibility of the cadet is to learn and understand the role of the 911 system, begin understanding the anatomy of a patient, communication ability and application of medical care with the use of basic equipment. Job functions will include, learning location of equipment, basic radio operations, stretcher operations and progress into a hands on role to include assessment. The Line officer or Senior member will direct all actions of the cadet to ensure all aspects of appropriate interact is followed. There may be times based on patient care that a patient will have to be exposed to bare skin, all attempts are made to maintain the patient’s dignity but some situations do not allow. Cadets will be shielded from this to the best of the ability but no guarantee can be made during the care of a patient.


The Waretown First Aid squad strives to promote and enhance medical training to all members of the squad; this is attained through on-line training, lectures and interactive drill scenarios. Each cadet is encouraged to attend as many training opportunities as possible, however, school assignment, homework and grades will be

the priority. Squad functions and duty response times will be dictated by the parents based on responsibilities at home. The Cadet advisor will ask to review all mid-semester notifications and report cards to ensure school work remains a priority.

Cadets are an integral part of the on-going membership of the Waretown First Aid Squad and with proper management; students will be able to advance themselves with lifelong skills. To ensure professionalism of the cadet program, no cadet will be permitted to be at the EMS building on their own.

Cadet members must follow all squad by-laws and rules to ensure a safe environment. A cadet who is not meeting minimums in academics or responsibilities of squad etiquette will be placed on suspension. The cadet advisor will maintain contact with parents either through telephone or e-mail communications to ensure the student is not mismanaged. Cadets who are found to be in violation of any laws will be automatically dismissed from the squad.

Cadets who maintain an interest in the health field would be encouraged to advance their knowledge and education. Cadets will be encouraged to enroll when age appropriate into the New Jersey State Emergency Medical Technician course (EMT). This course would be paid for by the Waretown First Aid squad and consists of about 300 hours of classroom and hands on practical rotations. Cadets enrolled in the class will be exempt from all squad activities to ensure proper training abilities.


Cadets will be issued squad apparel which is to be worn while on duty and in a response mode only.

Apparel is discouraged to be worn while at school or school functions or at any time not on duty or in response mode and any issued equipment (pager, radio), will not be allowed to be carried during school hours. Equipment issued is the responsibility of the cadet and accountability will be adhered to as would any other member.


Cadets will have access to patient information through general interaction while on patient responses. The information obtained while on patient care assignments or heard on squad radios or pagers are considered protected health information. This information is protected under federal rules known as HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability Protection Act). Violation of this information will result in immediate termination from the squad and liability will remain with the cadet and parents for the actions involved.

Cadets are expected to respond on their duty schedule, and may also respond to “All Calls” with some exceptions. Cadets will not respond to All Call, if it is dispatched during another crews duty hours. These hours are 6pm to 6am, Monday thru Saturday, and all of Sunday. Cadets will not respond to requests for a 2nd rig. At no point may a cadet “jump duty” or respond during another crew’s duty hours. The reason for these exceptions is to ensure their will not be more than one cadet on the scene of a call.


If you and your child are ready to sign up, please download the application in which all of this information is listed, complete it and either mail it to us or you can drop it off at our building. We can't wait to have you on board!

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